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60+ MGO Australian Manuka Honey Spoon

72.00 AED


Berringa 60+ MGO Manuka Honey Spoon Box (12 Spoons): Enjoy mild potency and potential wellness benefits in 12 convenient servings of authentic Manuka honey.

Mild Potency: Delight in the gentle potency of 60+ MGO Manuka honey, perfect for everyday use.
Convenient Portions: 12 individually packaged spoons offer easy serving and potential health support.
Authentic Taste: Experience the distinct taste profile of genuine Manuka honey in every spoonful.

Daily Wellness: Incorporate mild Manuka honey into your routine, potentially promoting overall well-being.
Portion Control: Precisely measure your intake with pre-portioned spoons, aiding in managing your dietary choices.
Potential Immune Support: Enjoy the potential immune-boosting properties of Manuka honey in convenient servings.

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