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Fine Emirati Sidr Honey With Saffron 300g

80.00 AED


Introducing our exquisite Premium Sidr Honey Infused with Saffron, a true treasure from the heart of the Emirates. Bottled in a beautifully crafted, durable glass, containing 300g of honey.

This harmonious blend of honey and saffron is a true embodiment of refinement excellence and culture.

Carefully extracted from the Emirati Sidr trees and combined with the finest saffron threads, each drop of this golden nectar embodies the rich flavors and aromatic classic essence of the Emirates and it’s scent, enhanced by the unique touch of saffron. This Sidr Honey with Saffron infusion is an indulgence worth savoring.

Whether for yourself or as a surprising gift, this honey offers not only culinary delights but also the potential health benefits of Sidr honey and saffron combined, making it the perfect choice for those who appreciate both luxury and well-being.

– Premium Sidr Honey Infused with Saffron
– Carefully Crafted Durable Glass Packaging
– Contains 300g of Golden Honey
– A Harmonious Blend of Honey and Saffron
– Extracted from Emirati Sidr Trees
– Offers an unparalleled experience of flavors and health benefits from Sidr and Saffron.

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