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Looking for certified organic honey that is pure and free from additives? Not sure which brand to choose or trust? Let Hali Health organic honey eliminate any such concerns. In a click, we deliver organic honey directly to your doorstep anywhere in the UAE. Our online honey shop has a selective yet an all-inclusive collection of organic honey and organic honey products.

We understand the oversaturation of the market with counterfeit honey made out of sugar and stacked with chemicals. As a socially responsible organisation, we defy unethical production of honey and have brought to you ethically and organically produced organic honey from the most premium brands from all around the globe.

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Organic Honey vs Raw Honey

Honey comes in two forms: organic and raw. Honey can be raw, but not organic. Pure honey is also organic but not raw. A honey labelled organic means the honey is produced by bees that foraged on flowers not sprayed with synthetic pesticides and herbicides to find pollen and nectar. 

The beekeeper must also make sure the bees are not exposed to synthetic pesticides. To ensure that you purchase organic honey, you should look for a product that specifies that it is raw and organic. It is highly likely that this honey will contain all of the minerals, vitamins and benefits that are found in honey.  

Raw honey is also usually referred to as “gently strained honey”. A filter or strainer used to remove debris from honey should be coarse enough to let pollen and enzymes pass through, while still remaining small enough to prevent bits of wax, bees, and debris from getting into the honey. Every beekeeper does this before bottling. 

Benefits of Organic Honey

A wide range of home remedies and alternative medicine treatments use honey for its potential health benefits. Hali Health’s organic honey contains the following benefits.  

  • Strengthens Immune System 
  • Useful in Weight Management (Replacement of Sugar) 
  • Nourishes Skin/Face 
  • Boosts Memory 
  • Alternate Remedy for Cough 
  • Treats Dandruff 
  • Home Remedy for Wounds and Cuts 
  • A Natural Sleeping Aid 
  • Eases Sinus Issues 
  • Natural Energy Drink 
  • Reinstates Glycogen and Controls Insulin in the Body 
  • Prevents and Helps Control Eczema  

The popularity of organic honey as a natural health supplement is undisputed. In addition to its great taste, it also provides nourishment to the body. Providing your body with much-needed energy, honey is a great natural alternative to table sugar. 

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The options available on the internet for pure, safe and certified honey can be overwhelming. To eliminate hassle, Hali Health has done the job research and analysis for you! With our expertise in Food and Beverages, we have thoroughly researched and analysed the best brands of organic honey.  

Following a strict analysis and quality check, we selected globally trusted and certified brands and brought them all together under one roof. 

These products are ethically sourced. Also, a part of your purchase goes to Red Crescent, a noble cause. So go ahead and choose from  

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